Date: 11 December 2017

Event Format:

a. Morning (10:00 am) – General Session

  • Local Authorities: Ceremonial talks – President of UNICAM; Remarks of the Mayor of Camerino; brief introduction by Confindustria (15 minutes)
  • Prof. J.P. Stewart (UCLA, GEER): Scientific relationships USA-Italy, global relevance of the 2016-2017 Central Italy Earthquake Sequence (15 minutes – with translation into Italian)
  • From Science to Policy (panel discussion) – Moderator: Gianluca Loffredo
    Participants: Paola De Micheli, Luca Ceriscioli, Cesare Spuri, Massimo Sargolini, Stefano Lenci, Antonio Tralli, Flavio Monosilio

b. Afternoon (1:30 pm) – Scientific Session (40-minute presentations)

Moderator:  Andrea Dall’Asta

  • Introductory remarks by president of Italian Engineers and Geologists
  • Dr. F. Galadini, S. Gori, E. Falcucci (INGV): Seismogenic sources of the area
  • Dr. P. Zimmaro (UCLA, GEER): Ground motion characterization
  • Prof. G. Lanzo (Uni La Sapienza, Centro di Microzonazione Sismica, GEER): Geotechnical aspects and site response
  • Prof. L. Di Sarno (UniSannio, ReLuis, EERI, GEER): Behavior of transportation infrastructure
  • Prof. A. Penna (Eucentre): Behavior of masonry buildings and retrofit effectiveness
  • Dr. R. Nascimbene (Eucentre): Behavior of RC structures

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